WEDCO VAR-X, die Revolution in Finishing

One Tool for all Finishing Operations


The underlying idea is the combination of large cutting radii of up to 1,000 mm on the flanks and the spherical tip. Due to the large flank radius, VAR-X milling cutters allow a significantly higher tool engagement and thus significantly larger stroke intervals with the same roughness depth as conventional ball-nosed end mills.


The result: Achieving maximum productivity due to the reduction in machining time and excellent surface quality with very little polishing effort.


VAR-X benefits


  • Up to 90% shorter processing times due to significantly larger stroke intervals
  • Substantial longer tool life
  • Reduced polishing effort while achieving much better surface quality at the same time
  • Very wide application range, resulting in a lower number of tools required and reduced set-up costs
  • Very high wear resistance
  • Less load on your milling machine


  • VAR.X
    Saves time and money by shorter processing times and improved surface quality due to significantly larger stroke intervals
  • Ball-nosed end mills
    Significantly longer processing times due to small stroke intervals

4 variations


  1. VAR-X barrel-shaped
    Resembles a wide T-slot mill due to its barrel-shaped radius and therefore perfectly suits for freely accessible surfaces without any interference contours
  2. VAR-X tangential
    The radius changes tangentially from the diameter to the ball-nosed end, ideal for deep, difficult to access cavities
  3. VAR-X flat-conical
    Due to their radius at the front, these tools are especially suited for processing the base and bottom surfaces of deep cavities
  4. VAR-X conical
    The radius is on a cone angle, which makes it possible to swing away from the component and thus reach deeper cavities

Based on these four basic shapes, we develop the right custom tool for your requirements and deliver it within 10 working days ex works.





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