Horn Supermini Hp

Horn presented a new version of the successful precision tool system for multiple applications at EMO 2019. The new HP geometry is suitable for drilling, turning and facing. With the new cutting geometry, increased machining values and infeeds are enabled, while at the same time trailing edge (wiper geometry) produces high surface quality even at high feed rates.

Beside turning operations, the system is also suitable for full drilling in diameters from 3 mm to 7 mm. The Supermini HP offers the option of directly turning out the inner contour after drilling – without changing tools. With the single-edged design, different bore diameters can also be produced with one tool.

For optimal chip control, Horn offers the tools with and without a chip breaker. The slightly twisted flute leads the chip out of the processing zone. The tool coating EG35 enables a variety of uses in normal and stainless steels.

New Toolholding System

Horn also developed a new holder system for the Supermini Type 105. The new clamping is no longer carried out via the outer surface, but via a clamping wedge. The result is a higher holding force of the insert and accordingly a high rigidity of the overall system. Furthermore, the use of the available installation space is improved by the front-side handling. This turns out to be a great advantage when used on long-turning machines, since the operator is able to change the cutting insert without removing the tool holder.




Supermini & Mini

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