High performance ball nose end mill with tapered shank clearance.


WEDCO GWFL ball nose end mill from above

Ball nosed end mills with 1° conical shank clearance: The new GWFL series from Wedco.



Innovation, precision and quality are the outstanding features of the GWFL series from Wedco. With the conical clearance as well as their effective chip removal, they not only offer a considerable increase potential in productivity, but also an excellent surface finish. Thus, the GWFL tools are the perfect choice especially for high-precision finishing operations on alloyed and unalloyed steel grades up to 54 HRC.


Efficient chip removal for highest quality and productivity


A decisive factor for productivity and cost efficiency in machining is the service life of a milling tool. The longer a tool can be used before it has to be replaced, the more economical it is in use. This is exactly where the GWFL series comes in, as these tools have been designed for exceptionally long tool life. The tools are made from an ultra-fine-grained carbide substrate with extreme hardness and are coated with a special coating for maximum wear resistance. This means they can withstand even the toughest challenges. Efficient chip removal is another key factor, as it leads to increased productivity with less tool wear, thus enabling significant cost savings and is also a factor in the excellent surface finish of the manufactured components.

Conical clearance for excellent surface finish and precision


The surface quality of a workpiece in particular is of decisive importance for many products, e.g. in the manufacture of precision parts. This is where the conical clearance in particular comes into play. It decisively increases the stability of the tool and is thus directly reflected in the quality of the workpiece surface. The precise cutting edge geometry and the narrow manufacturing tolerances of the GWFL tools also contribute to the surface quality and, if necessary, reduce additional work steps, such as polishing of components.





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