for tractor attachments.

Horn tool for milling PTO shafts


The double-edged Horn carbide insert S274 is used for milling PTO shafts.

PTO shaft milling


Horn is expanding its tool portfolio for gear cutting to include types for milling PTO shafts. Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the complete machining of drive shafts. Horn has standardised its own tool range for this purpose, which demonstrates high milling performance. The double-edged carbide insert S274 is used. The programme includes tools for PTO shaft sizes 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″. The portfolio also includes special milling cutters for restricted shaft clearances. The M274 tool holders are equipped with an internal coolant supply for targeted cooling. The carriers have a diameter of 63 mm (2.48″) and 10 teeth.


PTO shafts: Indispensable for agriculture


Tractor attachments such as a mower or loader wagon do not have their own drive. To operate them, the mechanical drive energy of the tractor must be transferred to the attachment. This is done via the power take-off or PTO shaft. This drive, which can usually be switched on and off, is available at a secondary output of the tractor transmission. The energy can be utilised directly via a PTO shaft. A profiled shaft stub, which protrudes from the gearbox, is connected to the PTO shaft of the attachment by means of splined or involute gears. For operation, the user attaches the PTO shaft to the stub shaft in an axial direction. Rotationally symmetrical locks are used to secure the connection, which can be released easily and without tools.

tractor with pto-shaft-driven tractorattachments


PTO shafts are indispensable in agriculture and are always used when large forces need to be transmitted.

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