Innovative machining technology for EV drive systems.

EV Powertrain

The automotive sector is undergoing tremendous change. Electromobility requires completely new materials and processing strategies.



Aluminum is one of the most important materials when it comes to drive systems for electric vehicles (covers, housings, gears, rotors,…). For all the challenges that arise during machining for the production of these parts, SUMITOMO offers professional and innovative tooling solutions.



Component-specific tooling solutions.



Even though fewer parts are needed to manufacture an electric vehicle, the parts for electric drives are more complex, smaller and potentially more delicate. To meet the growing demand for electric vehicles, part manufacturers need to select the right high-performance taps and high-precision clamping solutions, among other things. SUMITOMO is a pioneer in providing the right tooling solutions for the automotive industry of the future.


The new brochure:
All SUMITOMO tool solutions for machining EV drive systems



Download the brochure here!

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