90% discount on the milling cutter body!

Promotion valid until 14 September 2024


SUMITOMO DMSL/DMSW promotion flyer

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Choose the SUMITOMO DMSL/DMSW series now: The current promotion offers a discount of 90% on the milling cutter body. The promotion is valid until 14 September 2024!


Select the desired milling cutter body from our DMSL/DMSW brochure (download here) , order the corresponding minimum order quantity of milling inserts* at the list price minus your customer discount and you will receive the corresponding milling cutter body with a discount of 90%.


*The minimum order quantity corresponds to one set of milling inserts in each case. Please refer to the ‘No. of inserts/set’ column in our promotional flyer for the number of milling discs contained in each set.


Merkmale DMSL/DMSW Serie



High productivity thanks to an extremely high metal removal rate and high efficiency due to the stable double-sided indexable inserts with 4 (LNMU) or 6 (WNMU) cutting edges.



The curved shape of the cutting edges ensures highly efficient machining with a maximum feed rate of 3.5 mm/sec. This is made possible by a smaller approach angle and a small chip cross-section.



The curved cutting edge reduces the cutting forces to a minimum. Highly efficient machining is achieved with a maximum feed rate of 3.5 mm/c per cutting edge.



Further information: sumitomo@wedco.at
or Tel. 01 480 2770-27





SUMITOMO Dual Mill DMSW-Series

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