PCD custom tools


In the field of diamond-based cutting materials, WEDCO offers customised special solutions for all areas of application.

Wedco offers tailor-made diamond tools for all applications:


Wedco Tool Competence is known for its application-oriented tool development. Now, the trend towards weight reduction and the steady growth of composite materials has been taken into account once again. In addition to a comprehensive standard and special programme of solid metal precision tools, the Austrian tool manufacturer also offers special tools for the machining of non-ferrous metals, plastics, fibre-reinforced composites, wood, etc. Special tools made of PCD, MKD and CVD.


You can find a detailed report (in German) from the current issue of XTechnik / Fertigungstechnik here (Download).


Special tools made simple:


With our new enquiry form for PCD-Tools, it is possible for our engineering team to help customers getting a customised tool in just a few steps


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WEDCO PKD Custom Tools

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