Automated and energy-efficient manufacturing


If you don’t move with the times, you move with the times. This guiding principle, written by none other than Friedrich Schiller over 200 years ago, should attract our attention today more than ever. At the event under the motto “Automated and energy-efficient manufacturing”, we as Prozesskette showed together that with the right partners there is nothing to fear in terms of manufacturing automation, indeed that it is one of the main factors for future-fit production.
With this event at the Heron Innovations Factory in Dornbirn, the process chain therefore absolutely hit the mark. The numerous visitors, around one hundred guests, impressively demonstrated the enormous interest in the innovative automation solutions for precision manufacturing and undoubtedly made the event a great success. The process chain partners not only offered informative technical presentations and live demonstrations in the impressive production halls of the HERON Innovations Factory, but also ample opportunity for personal exchange. It was remarkable to see how strong the awareness to deal with the topic of automation is in the industry. The positive response and the great interest of the participants confirm the importance of this event and underline the relevance of innovative automation solutions in modern precision manufacturing!

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