Our unit WEDCO TOOLS manufactures highly sophisticated precision and special tools: Based upon many years of experience in the field of tool competence, high-quality solid carbide tools are customized for you, for example cutters (Catalogue Cutting Tools) and special cutters.

Due to our state-of-the-art multi-axle CNC grinding machines, we are able to manufacture precise micro cutting tools. Accuracy is possible down to a 0.2 mm cross-section.

Use with HSC (high speed cutting) and HPC (high performance cutting):
WEDCO uses only ultra fine-grain carbide. WEDCO's high quality standards ensure the selection of only ultra fine-grain carbide in the production of cutters for the use in either your HSC or HPC processing of steel, aluminium, superalloys, and graphite. WEDCO offers cutters for the use in HPC processing with a cross-section, circumference, and radius accuracy of under 5µ. Special HSC cutter types from the WEDCO cutter catalogue offer a high degree of support with up to 1.2 mm per tooth.

WEDCO Tool Competence guarantees both the accuracy of the cutting tools and the highest process reliability as well as the longest possible lifetime.